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Paradise Costa Rica – Spa Services

Luxury Rental Vacation Villas, Villa Mango and Casa Amigos are proud to offer a wide range of spa services available on-site, performed with the highest degree of professionalism, using only premier quality fresh organic botanical products.

Spa / massage services at Paradise Costa Rica vacation rentals in Dominical, Costa Rica
Quality spa products

Whether to regenerate your spirit or rejuvenate your body, you’ll find a spa service here that’s just right for you…

Massage Therapy

Massages away tension and muscle soreness, balancing mind and body.  We use top-quality essential oils and extracts specially formulated and custom-blended to promote deep rest and relaxation.


Beneficial plant extracts have healing qualities that relax, energize, improve circulation and suppress soreness.  Many are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and most important, encourage new cell growth, leading to a feeling of total rejuvenation.


Stimulation of specific locations on the feet to provide a therapeutic effect on other areas of the body, and to improve general health.  Precision-pressure massage of tight areas assists in the self-healing process, said to rebalance the body’s energy, reduce stress, and improve circulation.

Facial Treatments

Cleaning, toning, and energizing the skin to nourish new skin cells, leaving your face smoother, softer, and younger looking.  We offer your choice of four facial service options (described in more detail below.)  Every treatment is unique and custom designed to be “just right” for your individual skin type.

Mineral-rich volcanic muds selected from local sources combine with pure Egyptian sandalwood to soothe and protect the skin, as well as to ease sore joints.

Examples of Services and Spa Packages

All-inclusive “Rainforest” Massage

Accupressure / spa treatements at Paradise Costa Rica rentals homesBegins with relaxing Swedish massage to warm and relax your muscles. Your feet receive both Swedish massage and Reflexology.  Deep tissue massage and Acupressure work deeper in the muscles to reduce pain and soothe tight muscles and ligaments. “Sports” massage techniques using specialized creams are applied as needed. This special combination massage finishes with Aromatherapy using your choice of unique essential oil blends, “Energizing-Circulation” or “Sore Muscle-Relaxation.”  A wonderful feeling of inner tranquility will remain long after your massage is completed.

(30, 60 or 90 minutes)

“Tropical Serenity” Facial

Facials at the Paradise Costa Rica rental villas spaBegins with cleansing using a mild all-natural glycerin soap containing almond grains, and sloughing using fruit extracts high in Alpha-Hydroxyl acid and Vitamin C. Next is application of a special rose petal based toner, followed by an OSA mud mask; unique mineral-rich mud that draws blood to the skin surface, nourishes new skin cells, removes dead cells, and extracts toxins. A pH balancing astringent is then applied in preparation for a unique nourishing cream containing Queen Bee Royal Jelly and essential oils. A jasmine mist “seals in” the treatment.  Leaves skin silky smooth and radiant.

(60 minutes)

“Tropical Mini” Facial

Mini-facial treatment

The same as the “Tropical Serenity” facial, but without the nourishing mineral mud mask.

(30 minutes)

“Gentleman’s Tropical” Facial

Mens facial treatment at spa

Similar to the “Tropical Serenity” facial, but substituting products especially designed for men to help repair and soothe the effects of shaving and working in “the elements.”  Essential essences carry the aromas of vetiver and lime. A “Gentleman’s Mini” Facial is also available.

(60 minutes)

“Sun-Ease” Facial

Spa Products, oils, fragrances

Lavender, Fresh Aloe Vera and Chamomile ease and cool inflamed, sun-damaged skin, and a blend of essential oils soothe and help reduce burning sensations.  Pampers your skin with  protective barriers that “seal in” replenished moisture, using unique tropical-blend moisturizers and a jasmine mist.

(40 minutes)

“Dragonfly” Body Treatment

Volcanic mud spa treatment

Exclusive mixture of locally produced healing volcanic muds and sandalwood combine to form a perfect full body wrap.  Eases joint pain, detoxifies and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling baby-soft.

(60 minutes)

“Tranquility” Body Glow

Body Glow spa treatment with Costa Rican coffee, sea salt

Gently-roasted, finely-ground export quality Costa Rican coffee beans, Sea salt, and essential oil of Geranium combine to clean and remove dead skin cells.  Natural antioxidants in the coffee protect your skin from harsh sun exposure, and the geranium essence rejuvenates both deeper and surface skin layers.  Leaves you feeling silky smooth, and lightly tanned.
(40 minutes)

Couples Massage Class

Couples massage - massaging and learning to give massages at the Paradise Costa Rica villa spaThe two of you will learn techniques to melt away stress, as well as secrets for giving your “special someone” a relaxing, professional-quality massage that you both will enjoy for years to come.
(2 hours)** Spa Package Specials combining Your Choice of Services are Available! **


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